Momento Jar : True Love

Momento Jar : True Love
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This jar is designed to use as birthday guestbook alternative. Hearts can be signed or write messages with a fine tip marker or can even use an ink stamp for guests to add their finger print as well. 
Bamboo heart is then drop it through the top hole and heart gets into the jar. Each heart has 1 side white and other side natural bamboo. The frame is cut such in a way that each heart slides in and sits perfectly in the frame. 
You can really get creative! Guests will have fun signing off their well wishes on wooden hearts and dropping them in. 
A lovely whimsical alternative to standard guestbook signing. Choose the colour of the background for your guestbook and it will be a wonderful decoration after. It doubles up as a great piece of wall art or table display personalised by the people you love. 

❤ 1 x Mason Jar frame (Comes in 2 sizes, small : 166mm x 300mm x 12mm, large: 233mm x 420mm x 12mm) 
❤ Laser cut hearts ( Small Jar comes with 30 hearts, Large jar comes with 60 hearts) 
❤ 1 x Easy to assemble table stand 
❤ 1 x Instruction card and mini easel. 
❤ Choice of colour : natural Pine, Pink, Blue, Green 

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