Pine Jigsaw Strip : Woodland Section 1 (jsswls1)

Pine Jigsaw Strip : Woodland Section 1

❤ Printed directly onto 4mm thick pine veneer. 
❤ It's made from 100% premium eco friendly pine veneer. 
❤ Fun puzzle pieces to put together.
❤ Each theme has 4 strips and they can be bought as an individual strip or as a set. 
❤ Base Size: 420 mm length
❤ Bear Size: 72mm x 125mm, Racoon Size: 80mm x 100mm, Squirel Size: 109mm x 103mm
❤ Product doesn't come with any adhesive at the back, can be attached to the wall with tempory adhesives such as Blu Tack, Velcro dots or more 
     permanent adhesives such as double sided tape.